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Food of Happiness Bundle


Specially curated by our superhero vendor Victor Chia to celebrate Hari Raya, this Food of Happiness (Makanan Kebahagiaan) bundle contains: 

  • Lemongrass (~200g)
  • Lime Leaf (~100g)
  • Dried Chilli (1 pk ~100g)
  • Kencur (~100g)
  • Green Chilli (~200g)
  • Red Chilli (~200g)
  • Long Bean (~600g)
  • Tomatoes (~500g)
  • Galangal/Blue Ginger (~250g)
  • Red Onions (1 pk ~700g)
  • Small Lime (~300g)

All the essential ingredients that you will ever need to whip up a fragrant home-cooked meal for your loved ones this Hari Raya :) Please note that the photo is for illustration purposes (crate not included) and items will not be displayed in a crate upon delivery. 

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