1. Ride-hailing app TADA wants to bring 'sense of nostalgia' with new wet market delivery service

    Original article is first published on, 20 Aug 2020. By Zhaki Abdullah.

    SINGAPORE: When Mr Jonathan Chua was young, his mother used to travel to Tekka Market just to buy lamb. Years later, the general manager for ride-hailing firm TADA in Southeast Asia still remembers, with great fondness, those trips his mother used to take.

    "Wet markets have this sense of nostalgia," he said, adding that they can also offer more competitive prices and fresher produce.

    Similar to the online grocery shopping experience offered by the likes of RedMart or FairPrice, TADA Fresh Market aims to act as an “online multi-wet market shopping platform”, delivering fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat and poultry from 36 stalls at Tekka and Tiong Bahru markets.

    Shoppers need to place an order of at least S$30 worth of groceries to shop on the TADA Fresh Market website, with free deliveries for orders above S$50.


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